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Basic Classroom Instruction How To Guide

View the Course Curriculum and Quizzes

When you are approved as an Affiliate Instructor, you will be given access to the courses to view the curriculum and quizzes on your dashboard.

When you first login as a  new Affiliate, at the top of your Affiliate Dashboard, you will see, “You do not have any groups to manage.”

Before you purchase a license for a course that you can teach to your group of students, you will need to review the Basic Classroom Instruction (BCI) courses that are available and decide which one you want to teach.

To view the course content for the BCI classes, scroll down to where the courses are listed under “Access the Course Content.”

Click on the course name or on the “Start” button to view the course content.

You will be taken to the course page, where you can then download the quiz, view the slides, or download extra materials.

Now that you have viewed the course material, you are ready to purchase a license to teach the course. Scroll down to learn how to purchase a group license.

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Purchase a Group Course for Your Students

In order to use the AnytimeCE curriculum and receive certificates (and state CE credit) for your course, you need to purchase one (1) seat for every one (1) student in your class.

If you have ten (10) students signed up, then purchase ten (10) “seats” for the BCI course.

You will need to go to the “Buy BCI Courses” page and purchase the number of seats you need for the course to teach it in person.

Click on the name of the course you want to purchase for your BCI class. All of the courses will start with “Group License” and then be followed by the name of the course, BCI and the hours of credit that the course is approved for by the state licensing organization.

Enter the number of seats (1 seat for each student) that you need to purchase for your class and click “Add to cart.”

Please note: You can only purchase ONE BCI group course at a time. You should purchase one seat for every person that you plan on issuing a certificate to for CE credits.

Click on the checkout button and complete all the information on the checkout page.

After you complete your purchase, you will receive an order confirmation. You can then click on the “Affiliate Instructor Dashboard” link in the menu to view your new group and add students.

Select Your Group

Once you have purchased a group, you will see your new group name listed beside “Group.”

If you have purchased more than one group, then click on the group name to view the entire list of your current purchased groups.

Select the group you want to view information for from the dropdown menu.

You can now view the number of total seats you purchased, how many seats are still available to add students to, and the course that you purchased for this group.

If you need to add seats to the group you already purchased (because you will have more students than you originally planned), just click on the “Add seats” button and it will take you to the cart where you can add the seats you need and then checkout.

When you checkout, the number of seats you are purchasing will automatically be added to the particular group that you were viewing when you clicked “Add seats.”

Add/Enroll Users

When you add your students to your group:

Students Receive an Email

Students that you add to your group will receive an email notifying them that they have been added to your group on the website. This email will give them their login username and password (or give them a link to set up a password). 

Students MUST Add License Information to Their Profile

Students must log in and enter their license information in their individual profiles.

We recommend on the day of your class that you have them all log in to our website and update (or check) their license information to make sure it is accurate (see directions below).

If they do NOT enter their license information, then it cannot be reported to the AHJ.

Add Students to Your Group

You have two options to add users (or students) to your group.

Click on the “Users” button as shown below.

Add a Single User

To add a single user, select “Add one.”

A pop-up box will open.

Add the new users information to the pop-up box.

Add Multiple Users

Click on the “Users” button and select “Add multiple.”

Type the names and email addresses in the boxes that appear in the pop-up. You can provide a password, or the system will automatically generate one if you leave the password field blank.

Click on “Add & Invite Users” when you are finished typing in the new students’ first and last names.

You will see a message on your dashboard that says the user has been added successfully. The students will receive the email notifying that you added them to your group and the email will give them their login information.

Why Does It Show I Have More Users than Seats?

You will be listed as an Enrolled User, but you won’t take up a seat since you are the Group Leader/Instructor.

Your number of users will not match the number of seats you have used. Your number of users will always be 1 more than the number of seats you have used, because as the Group Leader you count as a user in the group, even though you don’t take up a seat.

Remove a User

To remove a user, first click on the box to the left of their name in the list. Then, a “Remove user(s)” button will appear.

Students MUST Add License Info to "My Account"

You will need to make sure that students add their license info to “My Account” on the website.

You can have students log in to their account (as long as they have access to their email on their phone) and update their license information the day of the class. When you log in, you may be asked to click on a verify link that is a sent in a separate email. This is just to verify that you are a real person and not a bot.

Log In to on a Mobile Phone

Follow the directions below if you need help logging in to the website using a mobile phone:

Enter your email address and password to log in or click on “Lost Your Password” to reset your password. The website will email you a link to reset your password. If you don’t see the email, check your Spam or Junk folder.

Log In to on a desktop computer

To login on a desktop computer, laptop computer or a table, just click on “Log In” on the right side of the screen. Enter your email address and password, or reset your password following the directions above.

Update “My Account” with License Information

The directions below are shown using a mobile phone, but the process and menu items are the same. 
Once you are logged in, look for “My Account” in the top header menu and click on it.

On the next screen that comes up, scroll down and click on “User Information.” Then click on “Edit” and update all of your information, including your license number and license state and trade. Click “Save” after you update all the information. That’s it!

Now when you complete a course, your accurate information will be submitted to the AHJ for CE credits.

Mark Courses As "Complete"

After your students attend your course and complete it, you will need to mark the course as “Complete.”

Marking a student’s course as “complete” will automatically generate a certificate for them (they will receive it by email) and report their course completion to AnytimeCE.

AnytimeCE will report the CE credit to the AHJ within two days.

To mark a course as complete, click on the “Reports” button and select “Progress”

Use the Search field to search for a user by first name, last name or email address. Partial matches are accepted. Begin typing in the student’s name, and the student’s name and email address should appear in the box. Select the student’s complete information.

Click the checkbox next to the course name to mark the entire course as complete or incomplete.

You will be prompted to confirm the request and mark all items under it as complete or incomplete as well.

Generate a Certificate for Each Student

Marking the courses as complete for each student will generate a certificate for that student.

AnytimeCE reports your course completions to the AHJ within two business days.

Click the “Certificate” button to view a printable certificate for the student. The date shown on the certificate as the course completion date will be the date you mark the course as complete.

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