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Oregon Electrical CEU Courses



Oregon Journeymen J- take all 4 courses – 20 hrs total = only 1 more 4-hour class is needed to renew your license.

All other Oregon Electricians (except supervisors) PJ, LR, LME, LEA, LEB, LRT, SIG NEC update and ORL as needed

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State of Oregon Electrician CEU Requirements

License Type 2020 NEC Code Update ORL Total
General Journeyman Electrician J 8 hrs. 4 hrs. 24 hrs.
Limited Journeyman Manu. Plant Elec. PJ 8 hrs. 4 hrs. 16 hrs.
Limited Residential Electrician LR 8 hrs. 4 hrs. 16 hrs.
Limited Maintenance Electrician LME 2 hrs. 0 hrs. 8 hrs.
Limited Energy Technician Class A LEA 8 hrs. 0 hrs. 8 hrs.
Limited Energy Technician Class B LEB 2 hrs. 0 hrs. 8 hrs.
Limited Renewable Energy Technician LRT 2 hrs. 0 hrs. 4 hrs.
Limited Journeyman Sign Electrician SIG 2 hrs. 0 hrs. 4 hrs.

Licensing Agency: Oregon Building Codes Division
Address: P.O. Box 14470, Salem OR 97309
Phone: (503) 373-1238
Website: Click here
License Lookup: Click here

Certificate(s) of Completion information are uploaded to the AHJ within 2 business days

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