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Basic Classroom Instruction: Water Wells Combo Part 2 – 4hrs


Course Access: Basic Classroom Instruction Only

Fully Illustrated – No Code Book Needed

This is the second of 3 parts of the Wells Combination course. Section 1 reviews the testing methods for evaluating well capacity and gives the step by step procedures to properly size pressure and storage tanks.

Section 2 will transition to overcurrent protection by sizing fuse types and magnetic starters. Next, students will learn to size conduits between disconnect, controllers and motors, grasp motor/controller enclosures, and finish off by learning about motor frames, startups, belt tightening, rotations, troubleshooting, and lubrication.

Course Outline:
Section 1 – Water Wells Fundamentals
Chapter 4 – Well Capacity
Chapter 5 – Pressure/Storage Tanks

Section 2 – 430 Motors
Chapter 4 – Overcurrent Protection
Chapter 5 – Sizing of Conductors
Chapter 6 – Sizing of Conduit
Chapter 7 – Disconnects
Chapter 8 – Sizing Systems Worksheets

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