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Water Wells Combo Part 3 – 4hrs

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This is the third of 3 parts of the Wells Combination course. This course reviews the major mechanical components of the 3 types of well pumps.

The course walks the student through the various steps needed to properly size and select a pump from manufactures pump curves for numerous applications. Most importantly the electrical controls for well pump houses are reviewed.

Course Outline:
Chapter 6 – Types of Pumps
Shallow Well Jet Pumps
Deep Well Jet Pumps
Submersible Pumps

Chapter 7 – Water Well Pump Sizing
Step 1. Determine the vertical lift for water
Step 2. Determine the friction loss from the pipe lengths and pipe fittings
Step 3. Determine the friction loss from the pressure head
Step 4. Determine the size pump from the manufactures pump curves


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